Can Cheat Days Help You Out

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We have always been told that when we diet too much we should have a cheat day. Following this meal our metabolism is supposed to suddenly return to normal or increase. However good this sounds we decided to investigate and see what we could find out.

We all know at least one person that can eat many cheat meals and still have the perfect body. However for every one of these guys there are many more that will pile on the weight. It all comes down to genetics and unfortunately for most of us we don’t have this luxury.

The real question is does a cheat meal actually improve our metabolism afterwards. Researchers at the mayo clinic had their participants overeat by 1000 calories a day and studied them after 1 week. However they were very surprised to find that their metabolism only increased by 18 calories. As you can see their metabolism did not even increase enough to burn the extra calories they were eating.

This is just one study but there are many others that all seem to prove the same point. Cheat days really do not do anything but let us give into our cravings. They certainly do not increase our metabolism and have no real benefit. However, saying that there is no point in depriving yourself all the time. One cheat meal a week will hardly effect your weight loss efforts at all if you are strict for the rest of the week.

Diets are hard enough and we all deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while. The key here is to keep it in moderation and try not to blow out too much. Having a 2000-3000 calorie or more cheat meal is not only going to ruin many days of healthy eating. It will also make you feel absolutely terrible the next day.


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